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Please accept this letter of recommendation for CPQP International LLC, located at 105 Shore Vista Lane, Greer, SC 29651. Beretta U.S.A. Corp. hired CPQP partway through construction of a large factory in central Tennessee and we quickly realized that we would have been much better off had we retained CPQP from the beginning of the project. The CPQP staff dedicated to our project brought a level of expertise to the building construction planning and cost estimating that we lacked using our own internal resources. In a polite but persistent and incisive manner, CPQP staff dug deeply into the details of our building project, found ways to reduce costs and were able to provide us with clear, understandable guidance about what elements of the building design were essential and what could be improved without increasing costs.

CPQP was always responsive on an immediate basis to any inquiries that we had concerning the project and basically became a critical part of our project management team. I recommend CPQP without reservation to anybody beginning construction of a new facility or to anyone already engaged in such an endeavor.


Jeffrey K. Reh
Member, Board of Directors


I learned of CPQP through a recently hired executive in our company about 3 years ago. We had an acute Operational problem that needed quick and decisive fixing, so I reached out to François. We immediately understood each other and the facts that we are both originally from Belgium and went to the same Engineering school probably had a bit to do with it. I worked very closely with Carl Cartwright across my network of factories and warehouses. I have nothing but good things to say. Carl’s leadership, work ethic and knowledge are fantastic additions to teams as they are being molded and shaped. We successfully completed a move to a new group of frozen, refrigerated and ambient warehouses in Arizona; we then installed new packaging equipment, refurbished bottling lines in Florida and we then worked on significant infrastructure projects that allowed our company to continue to grow. I was so happy with CPQP that I had them present to our Board of Directors and recommended them to multiple companies in our portfolio. The new projects were also successfully delivered in the other companies.

Jean-Marc Rotsaert
Operating Partner, Centre Partners
CEO Sun Orchard, LLC

I was first introduced to CPQP in 2012 when we used them to assess a potential plant consolidation and estimate the costs for us. Since then we have used them process improvement and plant turnaround work at multiple portfolio companies with great success.

John Mosher
Managing Partner



IndustryLocation(s)Size (US$)Type of Engagement
Automotive componentsUSA-Mexico$60,000,000Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Automotive componentsUSA-Mexico$60,000,000Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Automotive componentsMexico-China$12,000,000Plan equipment move and reinstallation in China
Automotive componentsUSA-Mexico$42,000,000Train Lean Manufacturing, improve production flow and quality
Automotive componentsMexico$14,000,000Improve equipment up time and utilization
Automation Cables & SensorsUSA-Mexico$65,000,000Set up New Plant, train and deploy Lean Manufacturing
Aerospace componentsUSA-Mexico$25,000,000Planning for Lean plant start up, Lean Manufacturing training
Aerospace componentsUSA-Mexico$15,000,000New plant start up
Aluminum ExtrusionChina$500,000,000Lean Manufacturing training, equipment utilization and quality improvements
Electric MotorUSA-Mexico$22,000,000New Plant Start up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Electronic AssemblyUSA-Mexico$350,000,000New Plant Start up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
ForgingIndia-China$1BGreenfield plant construction, startup
Injection MoldingUSA- DR$12,000,000Planning for New Plant start up
Injection MoldingUSA-Mexico$6,000,000New Plant start up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Lighting componentsKorea$5,000,000Lean manufacturing training
Lighting componentsUSA-Mexico$2,000,000New plant start up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Medical deviceUSA$24,000,000Lean manufacturing training
Medical deviceMexico$150,000,000Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Medical deviceUSA$10,000,000Product design assistance, quality system deployment, Lean implementation
Medical deviceUSA$4,000,000Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Medical deviceUSA-Mexico-Czech$230,000,000Plant relocations, startup
Medical deviceUSA- Germany$155,000,000Lean manufacturing training
Packaging materialMexico$35,000,000Lean manufacturing training
Paving EquipmentUSA$120,000,000MRP- Lean training and deployment, move to new plant
Paper Conversion & LabelUSA$32,000,000Lean training and deployment, move to new plant
Paper LabelUSA-Mexico$50,000,000Lean New plant start up
Pump- GasGermany$120,000,000Outsourcing
Pump- GasCzech Republic$28,000,000Plan for new plant start up and supply chain deployment
Pump- GasUSA-Mexico$54,000,000New plant start up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
PumpIndia$12,000,000Acquisition integration, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
PumpChina$10,000,000New Plant Start Up, Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Shopping cart mfgUSA$150,000,000Lean transformation
StampingUSA$3,000,000Plan for new plant start up
Steel distributionIndia$20,000,000distribution center construction, startup
Store fixtures mfgUSA$33,000,000Lean transformation
ShipyardUSA$54,000,000Lean manufacturing training and deployment
Wind Turbine Blade mfgDenmark-USA$500,000,000Plant reconditioning, new plant value engineering
Wind Turbine Nacelle mfgGermany-USA$1.6BNew plant strategy & design